Hey there! My name is Gunar. I’m a Software Development consultant from London. I’ve been a happy user of Hasura for many years now and I was happy to collaborate with Hasura for this blog post. We’ll be talking about managed Postgres cloud providers.

Hasura gives us instant realtime GraphQL & REST APIs on new and existing Postgres databases. While building a new application with Hasura, I have often had to go through the choices of which managed cloud provider to pick. …

The team at MachineMetrics has shared deeper information about their offering, their usage of Hasura, and the benefits they enjoyed in a recent recording !

MachineMetrics Industrial IoT Platform who just announced their $20M Series B funding round, is a company that transforms manufacturing shop floor data from insights into actions with powerful apps that reduce machine downtime, increase throughput, and maximize profitability driven by their customers’ manufacturing equipment. Their platform automates machine data collection and production analytics to deliver data-driven insights in a matter of minutes.

Collecting metrics on each machine such as load, temperature, speed, and state, this…


A question we’ve commonly been asked is how “Hasura compares to Prisma 2”, or “How Hasura compares to Apollo (Server)”.

To answer this question, the ideal scenario is probably to discuss:

  • The functionality each of the tools provides
  • Where each piece typically lives in an application, and their relationships to each other


Hasura is a web service that connects to one or more data sources, and exposes a GraphQL (and optionally, REST) API for the data source.

It allows you to federate/compose/stitch other REST or GraphQL API’s into this data-source graph, to create a unified data-access hub.

A configurable authorization…

Daikin Vietnam worked with Nexlab on a project to modernize their legacy technology stack. Nexlab chose Hasura for this initiative, and the end result was a project delivered ahead of schedule and at a 50% lower cost than planned.

Nexlab is a software development agency based in Vietnam that specializes in building custom software solutions as well as providing software outsourcing services for enterprise customers. Their customers are based in Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and the USA. Nexlab was founded in 2016 and now has 40 employees based in Vietnam.

Nexlab moved to use Hasura primarily to be able to…

PostgreSQL is open source and pretty extensible. It allows for products and utilities to be created on top providing the fundamental features of Postgres but offering something specialised on top of it.

In this post, we will look at the different flavours and extensions of Postgres that cater to specific use cases and how Hasura supports them natively.


TimescaleDB is a time series system optimised for time series data with relational capabilites of Postgres. It is an open source project with support for complex data types that aid in various use cases related to dates and times.

TimescaleDB can be…

Community is core to the identity of Hasura.

Our team is bigger than just our employees. Whether you are joining an event, getting the newsletter, writing code, answering questions, or otherwise, you are welcome here. And, today, we are pleased to announce a programme to recognise your contributions to Hasura!

The Hasura Contributor program was created to acknowledge, recognise, and publicly demonstrate appreciation for the work of our contributors. Contribution takes many forms. …

If you haven’t heard, today is the start of HasuraCon (our annual user conference). Tanmai Gopal (CEO and Co-founder) has just dropped all the major announcements as a part of his keynote address entitled I want data; I want it now. The future of application development.

In the keynote, Tanmai talked about the evolution of data access over the years and our mission at Hasura to make data access simple, fast, and secure (irrespective of where your data lives), and with a developer experience that you will love!

Here is everything we are announcing today, and we have detailed demos…

PostgreSQL Tricks

I had posted this question on platforms like Twitter, HackerNews and Reddit and got some interesting responses. In this post, I’m collating a bunch of these discussions to help frontend or full stack developers work better with PostgreSQL for their app.

As the app grows in size and user base, database typically becomes a bottleneck for various reasons. And I’m not even talking about resource consumption, memory, connection limits etc which will haunt admins at some point. …

With beta.1 available for about two weeks, and an immense amount of helpful feedback from our community, we are pleased to continue our march towards 2.0 final with the release of 2.0.0-beta.2.

What is a ‘beta’?

Let us explain what a ‘beta’ is to Hasura.

At its simplest, when a release achieves beta it means:

  • The code is feature frozen and no more features will be added (unless absolutely necessary)
  • All breaking changes are incorporated, documented in prior release notes (or addressed), and there will not be more surprises to come
  • The…

Teams building with Hasura know and love the powerful features available at their disposal — instant GraphQL APIs, remote schema joins, granular authorization, eventing system, and more. Hasura is available for use as multiple product offerings — Hasura CE, Hasura EE, and the focus of this blogpost, Hasura Cloud. Here, we will explore the features that come out of the box with Hasura Cloud that drastically reduce the ops effort required to run and manage your Hasura applications in production.

“We have gotten a lot done as a small team. While looking at other companies of our size, we have…


⚡️ Instant realtime GraphQL APIs! Connect Hasura to your database & data sources (GraphQL, REST & 3rd party API) and get a unified data access layer instantly.

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