AWS Service Orchestration with GraphQL and Hasura Cloud

Create a Hasura Cloud Project

Create AWS RDS PostgreSQL

Setting up Amazon Cognito

Add Custom JWT Claims for Hasura

exports.handler = (event, context, callback) => { event.response = { "claimsOverrideDetails": { "claimsToAddOrOverride": { "": JSON.stringify({ "x-hasura-user-id": event.request.userAttributes.sub, "x-hasura-default-role": "user", // do some custom logic to decide allowed roles "x-hasura-allowed-roles": ["user"], }) } } } callback(null, event) }

Configure Hasura Cloud ENV

{ "type":"RS256", "jwk_url": "https://cognito-idp.<aws-region><user-pool-id>/.well-known/jwks.json", "claims_format": "stringified_json" }

Create permissions for the role user

Set up Lambda for Hasura Events



⚡️ Instant realtime GraphQL APIs! Connect Hasura to your database & data sources (GraphQL, REST & 3rd party API) and get a unified data access layer instantly.

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